We have four training sessions a week in Gloucester. One is a women-only session, one is all about techniques and drills, one is dedicated to soft sparring and one to steel. We recommend you attend at least 2 sessions a week. Make sure you bring your own water bottle and a groin guard.
We run several classes each week:
  • Tuesday 20:00–21:30 (women only)
  • Thursday 20:00–21:30 (technique training)
  • Sunday 10:00–12:00 (steel training, Stroud)
  • Sunday 12:30–14:00 (soft training, Stroud)
Main training hall in Gloucester
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Open-air venue in Stroud
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Our drop-in classes are £8 per person. Serving and ex-armed forces members are eligible for free sessions.

Contactless payments (via PayPal or bank transfer) only, we do not accept cash at this time. Thank you for understanding.
No previous experience or fitness level required. Our instructors will come up with a training program matching your skill level and personal goals.
You're required to bring your own groin guard. This is essential. You will be lent everything else you need to get started. Training swords, soft armour – all the equipment will be provided until you're ready to purchase your own.
Under 18?
You need to be over 18 to fight in steel.
However, younger athletes are still able to train and compete using safe (soft) equipment. Ask your parent or guardian to get in touch with us and we'll guide them on how to get you started.

What to expect
at your first training

First thing first, you'll first be taught some basics, followed by light and structured sparring in soft armour.
You'll be given group instruction as well as some 1-on-1 tuition. The class is friendly and informal: we are aiming to adjust it to fit the students' learning pace – even if it runs over the time limit, you're not expected to pay extra.
Basic techniques
Working with a coach on a punch bag, you'll be guided through basic strike and defense techniques.
Soft practice
Step-by-step practice with a coach, learning how to combine footwork with striking and defending yourself in action.
Soft sparring
A full-speed 1-on-1 fight using soft equipment that emulates real armour and weapons. You'll be doing this for a couple of months until you're ready for steel.

frequently asked questions

I want to join but I'm under 18, do I need to wait?
Absolutely not! Younger athletes are able to train using soft equipment emulating real armour weapons from the age of 8. You will even be able to compete – there are multiple youth tournaments organised by IFMSF and HMB Soft. They include various duel categories as well as group fights – all the nice things adults have!

Ask your parent or guardian to get in touch with us and we'll guide them on how to get you started.
I'm a veteran, do I have to pay for the sessions?
No. We're committed to giving both veterans and serving members of the armed forces a familiar environment to feel at home in. Entering civvy street can leave people feeling alone in an unfamiliar world amongst people with whom they share no bond. Many veterans have rediscovered that bond and sense of belonging in HMB. For as long as we operate our club's ex-forces will never have to pay for a session, though many choose to all the same.
When can I fight in steel?
It takes a while to learn how to fight in our sport, regardless of the background you have. You'll spend about 3 months 'doing soft kit' before we lend you some steel to try it out.
How much does soft armour cost?
Soft armour and weapons cost around £250 and are vital in learning how to fight in HMB. Advanced and novice fighters alike find themselves in soft kit several times a month.
How much does steel armour cost?
A full list of equipment needed for steel fighting includes your actual body armour, helmet, padded and cloth elements, such as your club's surcoat, weapons and shields. The total cost of it might come up to £3000.

These items are usually made to measure and are often purchased in a course of several months. We can assist you with approved suppliers, although please DO NOT purchase anything without getting your coach to look at it first.
It couldn't be simpler.
Fill in the form and just turn up at the next available training session.
We'll see you there!